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Men and Women want some sexy photos done? - Oshawa

Posted by Lynn


on Sep. 5, 2008 at 21:53

THIS IS FOR MEN, WOMEN, COUPLES Want some great photos done of yourself? To give to your boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Want some photos to post online for dating sites, or adult casual sex sites? Or anything else you can think of.

Photos can be full nudity, partial nudity, what ever you feel comfortable with. I'm not pervert or someone looking for sex, I'm just a photographer trying to make some money. Trying to offer a service people night need.

I do have a photography business, I have been taking photos for a couple of years now. You will get professional shots done, with a background and lighting. You will go home with a CD Rom of all the photos.

My fees are:
$50. You will get 40 pictures plus the CD. UNLIMITED POSES

$30. You will get 20 pictures plus the CD Rom UNLIMITED POSES

Please email me at for more info.

Please email me at for more info.

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Meet someone's Hot Wife for a Fling!


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